Your entire fleet. In the cloud.

24/7 insight in the health, safety, fuel consumption of your truck.

A unique platform for connected trucks

A dashcam, Eyetracker or Tire Pressure Management System are just a few examples of the technology that Route42 uses to connect almost every vehicle’s system to one universal open platform. The process is quite simple: the data is sent to the cloud, so that you can analyse and truly benefit from having a connected truck. This means increased safety. This means considerably improved remote diagnostics. This is what we call a connected truck.

N-able. Endless possibilities.

The world is increasingly more connected, so right now a new kind of telemetry system is absolutely essential. An all-round system that is capable of tracking a vehicle or detect a driver’s behaviour, but which also connects almost every sensor to one platform. Reducing complexity and costs, while getting more and more insights of your fleet. Enable the future with Route42. N-able it.

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The increased interest in transportation industry for connected fleets and road safety, means that Route42 solutions are often in the news. Keep updated about our latest developments, new products and industry trends in the news section.

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The dream that brothers Max and Jasper den Dopper had for transports to become more safe, environment-friendly and efficient sets upon an yet unmatched commitment to make it true. Such commitment is the result of a unique mix of technical skills that also extremely motived and talented professionals bring in.

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